Moving Tips

10 Ways to Save Time and Money When You Move

1. Weekday and Mid-Month Moves:
Weekend and end-of-month moves usually have higher hourly rates. Save money by booking a weekday, mid-month move.

2. Prepare A Move Kit:
Having your movers get something you suddenly need back off a fully-loaded truck can waste a lot of time (and money). Avoid this by preparing a ‘move kit’ filled with items you may need immediately and transport it yourself (medications, checkbook, credit cards, cell phones, keys, baby supplies, snacks, etc.).

3. Packing Labels:
Label the top and sides of each box with its contents and desired destination room. This will help your movers position everything more precisely so you won’t be hunting for items later.

4. Keep It Close:
Reserve close parking spots for your mover’s trucks at your point of origin and destination. The less distance your movers have to cover to move your belongings will save valuable time.

5. Purge and Pay Less:
Why pay to transport items you don’t really need? Start packing early so you have plenty of time to decide between which items you really want to keep and what you can discard or donate.

6. Avoid Costly Damage:
Let your movers professionally pack your breakables to minimize the risk of costly damage. For items you pack yourself, don’t skimp on quality packing boxes and materials.

7. Bag It and Tag It:
Good movers can swiftly disassemble and reassemble furniture, so let them save you that time. For any item you choose to disassemble yourself, make sure you keep its hardware (screws, nuts, etc.) in a labeled bag.

8. Shoot It and Save It:
Take photos of how your electronic items connect to each other before you separate them. This will save substantial setup time at your destination.

9. Clear A Path:
Clear your entrances of all debris that might impede your movers (yard waste, snow, etc.).

10. Get It In Writing:
Always get a written estimate! Good movers will email you a nonbinding estimate for small moves. For large moves, they can visit your home and provide a binding, onsite estimate.